Thursday, 5 May 2016

Some Randomness from Provence

Just a short post today and actually the only one for the week because we are between trips and not home much this week.  The girls didn’t have school on Monday or today so it’s a very odd week for us, but we are taking advantage of it with back-to-back long weekends of travel.  Prague last weekend (my, my, my, what a beautiful city) and this coming weekend we are heading north to visit Hadrian’s Wall here in the UK.  So for today I thought I would share a few last photos from our fall trip to Provence, France.  These didn’t make it into any of the other Provence posts, but I love them.  They are from the market in Saint Remy-de-Provence and the cathedral of trees you pass on the way to the town.  Now off to pack our bags for another long weekend.  Enjoy!

Please don't steal my olive tree.

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